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Thank you for your interest in my services. I appreciate that finding the right therapist is not easy and I hope that my website helps you discern whether I am the right practitioner for you. I am happy to have a brief chat over the phone to discuss any questions you might have about engaging in therapy.    

I am a specialist in couple psychotherapy having obtained a Practitioners Doctorate in couple psychotherapy from Tavistock Relationships, a centre of excellence in training, research and practice in the field.  For over a decade I have served as a senior and teaching clinician at this institute.  I am also qualified as a counselling psychologist and individual psychotherapist.  My experience in couple and relationship-focused psychotherapy spans over 20 years and I have managed and supervised couple psychotherapy services for over 10 years.  

Dr Pierre Cachia

Thoughtful understanding

Support That Makes a Difference

Couple Psychotherapy and Individual Relationship-focused Therapy

In our conversations I seek to offer a space in which you will feel your personality, relational style, culture and life experience are both respected and taken into account.  I am experienced in working with persons facing all sorts of emotional, behavioural and characterological difficulties and persons troubled by developments in their work life and relationships. 

Individual therapy will provide you with an opportunity to explore your specific situation in the privacy while couple or marriage counselling allows you, together with your partner, to look at established patterns of relating supported by my input.  Sometimes, couple therapy allows personal difficulties (e.g. a tendency towards feeling depressed) to be explored with the support of one's partner in a manner that can prove more effective than in individual therapy.  This is a recent development in couple psychotherapy and one that offers promise to individuals that have found a more individual approach too upsetting or somewhat unhelpful.  

I have the experience necessary to support couples facing a wide variety of difficulties ranging from communication difficulties, feelings of disconnection and general discontent, issues related to sex and intimacy, conflict around finances, as well as concerns around extended family and parenting.  I also see couples wanting to approach separation or divorce in a less destructive manner.  You are welcome to discuss your concerns whatever sexual orientation, age or religious beliefs you hold.   Your privacy and the confidential nature of our meeting will be respected in accordance with the ethical standards required of professionals in this field.    

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