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Supporting the practice of professional and trainees

I have a keen interest in supervisory practice and extensive experience in supporting trainees and professionals in the fields of psychological practice, counselling, psychotherapy and couple psychotherapy. My experience includes being a staff member supervising and organising practice placements for trainees on the Professional Doctorate in Counselling Psychology at the University of Surrey for over 7 years. I supervise senior clinicians as part of my role as Head of Clinical Services within Tavistock Relationships a world-renowned psychotherapy institute. Privately, I supervise a diverse group of couple therapists, addiction specialists, counselling psychologists and integrative psychotherapists. My specialist training in gestalt, systemic and psychoanalytic  psychotherapies  as well counselling psychology allows me to address diverse supervisory needs.    


My supervisory work started as an extension of interest in professional practice. I have had the privilege to being trained with Ken Evans who is an authority in the field of psychotherapy supervision and co-author of Psychotherapy Supervision - An Integrative Rational Approach to Psychotherapy Supervision (2000). More recently I have attended further training as a staff member at the Tavistock Relationships. I am listed on the supervisor register of the British Psychological Society.    The influence of the relational context inherent to therapeutic and supervisory work is of particular interest to me as I believe this is central to both endeavours. I am also intrigued by the manner in which supervisory practice needs to be sensitive to the practitioner’s stage of development and level of expertise - progressing towards supervision becoming an increasingly creative and collaborative venture as the practitioner matures. I am able to support more senior practitioners in addressing organisational and managerial issues.  ​​


I offer supervision via Zoom.  

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