Couple Psychotherapy and Individual Relationship-focused Therapy

Counselling psychology is a distinctive profession within psychology with a specialist focus, which links most closely to the allied professions of psychotherapy and counselling. It pays particular attention to the meanings, beliefs, context and processes that are constructed both within and between people and which affect the psychological well-being of the person. Counselling psychologists focus on people’s mental representations of events, and the particular significance of these for relationships with themselves and with others (source, BPS).

My background in counselling psychology allows me to adapt my approach so as to be respectful of the persons I work with in relation to their particular relational style, culture, life experience and age.  I am experienced in working with persons facing various difficulties of the emotional, behavioural and characterological types.


Individual therapy allows for a space where the person can explore their specific situation in the privacy of the consulting room while couple or marriage counselling allows a couple to look at established patterns of relating supported by the therapist's input.  Sometimes, couple therapy allows personal difficulties (e.g. a tendency towards feeling depressive emotions) to be explored with the support of one's partner.  This is a recent development in couple psychotherapy and one that offers promise to individuals that have found a more individual approach too upsetting or unhelpful.  

Psychotherapy knows its roots in the history of psychoanalysis with its fascination with unconscious aspects of personality  with its reserve of problematic and creative potential (these are simply aspects of ourselves we are less aware of).  This approach is best suited to those wishing to understand their predicament and develop a freer, more creative way of being within themselves, with others and in their love relationships.  

I see couples facing a wide variety of difficulties ranging from communication problems, conflict around finances, issues related to sex, concerns around extended family and parenting, feelings of disconnection and general discontent.  All couples and individuals are welcome whatever sexual orientation, age or religious beliefs held.   I also see couples wanting to approach separation or divorce in a less destructive manner.